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We make it simple. All you have to do is tell us a little about the your current tower lease and the site, and we’ll do our own site evaluation and valuation. Then we can give you the feedback you need to make the right decision and we can even go one step further and help you renegotiate your lease or offer you a no nonsense offer for us to buyout your cell tower lease directly, as-is. It’s that easy! Reach out or give us a call before you make any final decisions, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Many property owners have tower leases and terms that just aren’t fair or are below market. Maybe they’re facing the prospect of trying to sell their property and the tower lease and other buyers just don’t understand it. We’ve personally owned a operated tons of real estate and cell tower leases, we can provide you insights others in the industry won’t and help you find a real solution today.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Getting calls and letters weekly from tower aggregators or brokers offering you pennies on the dollar for what your cell tower lease or real estate should be worth?
  • Tenants, carriers, or site managers wanting you to renew your lease with little or no rent increase and a small lump sum payment upfront
  • Lease Buyout with no real good faith deposit, long drawn out due diligence and closing times?
  • Lease renewal offers with Right of First Refusals on your entire property?
  • Have you discussed listing your property and your tower lease with a local real estate agent and they just don’t understand the tower lease?
  • Carriers pushing for equipment upgrades and modifications?
  • Do you want a simple and transparent process?

If so, we are here to help you! We are real estate investment professionals that are specialists when it comes to cell tower leases and properties with cell tower leases and we are ready to consult you on your lease and situation, and we may even be able to pay you a great cash price for your cell tower lease and possibily your entire property today!

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