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Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Getting calls and letters weekly from tower aggregators or brokers offering you pennies on the dollar for what your cell tower lease or real estate should be worth?
  • Tenants, carriers, or site managers wanting you to renew your lease with little or no rent increase and a small lump sum payment upfront
  • Lease Buyout with no real good faith deposit, long drawn out due diligence and closing times?
  • Lease renewal offers with Right of First Refusals on your entire property?
  • Have you discussed listing your property and your tower lease with a local real estate agent and they just don’t understand the tower lease?
  • Carriers pushing for equipment upgrades and modifications?
  • Do you want a simple and transparent process?

At Premier, We Cut Out The Noise and Provide Honest Industry Insights That Others in the Telecom Business Don’t Want You to Know.

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From there, we can work on your terms wether doing a lease buyout or helping you negotiate a renewal. We take care of everything.

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